Building Resistance to Vaccine Misinformation is a project at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta.


To help combat misinformation by providing accessible modules and resources for kids, teachers, and parents about health, vaccines, and science.


We believe in a future where the gap between the general community and science / healthcare has been bridged by the current generation of children and teens.

Terms of use

We work to provide accessible summaries of the most accurate information – screened by health care professionals, researchers, educators, and other leaders – available on COVID-19 vaccines and other vaccines. This summary information should not replace information from Health Canada, Alberta Health Services, or your health care providers.


Our logo represents children united by education and health. Each child in the logo is also an antibody, the main molecule used by the immune system to recognize pathogens such as viruses and to protect us from diseases. This is representative of our goal to increase resistance to vaccine misinformation in future generations by educating and making science fun. The colours represent our Canadian roots.

Designed by Brendan Lazar