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Vaccines 101: How Vaccines Work

Credit: Nature Video, Youtube

The Side Effect of Vaccines – How High is the Risk?

Credit: Kurzgesagt, YouTube

How New Vaccines Are Developed

Credit, Nature Video, YouTube

How the Immune System ACTUALLY Works

Credit: Kurzgesagt, YouTube

The Innate and Adaptive Immune Systems – The Vaccine Makers Project

Bacterial and Viral Infections

Credit: WebMD, YouTube

Relative Sizes of Bacteria and Viruses

Credit: Biointeractive, YouTube

Viral Life Cycle

Credit: Biointeractive, YouTube

Bacterial Growth (life cycle)

Credit: Biointeractive, YouTube

How A Virus Invades Your Body

Credit: NPR, YouTube

Monitoring the Mutations of a Virus – Ebola 2013

Credit: Biointeractive, YouTube

Van Leeuwenhoek’s first glimpses of the microbial world

Credit, Biointeractive, YouTube

Antibiotics vs. Bacteria: Fighting the Resistance

Credit: The National Library of Medicine, YouTube

How do antibiotics work and where do they come from?

Credit: John Innes Centre, YouTube

Penicillin Killing Bacteria

Credit: Biointeractive, YouTube

Interactive Lessons

History of Vaccine Backlash

Credit: Healthcare Triage, YouTube

Virus Hunter: Monitoring Nipah Virus in Bat Populations

Credit: Biointeractive, YouTube

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Mental Health Resources

Anxiety around COVID-19, crowded spaces, uncertainty of the future, and countless other things affect all of us. See the resources we’ve found which provide well-rounded solutions for taking care of our minds, physically and mentally.